WIKI – BOMBSHELL: “If This Story Gets Out, We’re Screwed”

Thanks in large part to daily data dumps from WikiLeaks, much has been learned over the past few weeks about Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and the collection of sycophants she maintains in her orbit, oftentimes confirming what millions of Americans already suspected.

Most notable is what appears to be evidence that the Clinton Foundation was indeed far more than a mere charitable organization, but more like a money-laundering slush fund fully involved in a Hillary Clinton pay-to-play scheme, i.e. donations from corporations and foreign governments to the foundation in exchange for personal or political favors backed by the U.S. government through the State Department or a future presidential administration.

According to Zero Hedge, many of the details of the operation were laid out in a lengthy memo by former President Bill Clinton’s top aide Doug Band, who in essence argued for his position at the foundation by explaining how many millions of dollars in donations he personally had arranged from corporations such as Coca-Cola, Dow Chemical, Ericsson, UBS, Barclays and a host of other major banks and businesses.

Band felt the need to defend his position after questions were raised regarding the money flowing into the foundation, most notably by Chelsea Clinton, who was seemingly asserting herself into a more controlling position at the foundation, bringing her into conflict with Band, who had been in charge behind the scenes.

The revelations surrounding the Band-managed “Bill Clinton Inc.” for-profit activities shed some light on an email that had been released in an earlier WikiLeaks dump that first exposed the conflict between Band and Chelsea Clinton, with him calling her a “spoiled brat kid” for raising questions and seemingly attempting to usurp his role at the former president’s side.

That email in early November 2011 was written prior to Band’s full-throated defense of his foundation work also seemingly highlighting the precarious and perhaps criminal nature of his work, as he wrote to Clinton aides Cheryl Mills and John Podesta that “I’m also starting to worry that if this story gets out, we are screwed.”

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If everything being done at the Clinton Foundation by Bill Clinton and his close aides was on the up and up, why would there be worries about the story coming out, and if they had been doing nothing wrong, why would they be “screwed”?

Such questions unfortunately could go unanswered forever, or could just as likely be answered in the next document dump full of juicy inside material on a highly secretive organization.

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