Whoopi Goldberg Calls Donald Trump A LIAR – Gets SHUT DOWN

During this Thursday’s episode of “The View”, one of the biggest liberal nitwits, Whoopi Goldberg called President Trump a “liar” for flip-flopping the Republican healthcare plan. As usual, she led the charge against him, however, Twitter users immediately made it clear that they are tired of her ranting and constantly seeing her finding new things to complain about for our President.

Reports from Gossip Con stated that the co-host Jedediah Bila started the segment by bashing President Trump for blaming the Freedom Caucus for the failure of the healthcare bill.

“I want to scream,” confessed Bila. “This has me so twisted. I want to scream out ‘liars!’”
“First he supported the bill, then he bullied everybody, threatened them to support the bill,” she added. “They weren’t having it. Thank you Freedom Caucus, by the way. Then he blamed Democrats for it. Now he’s on Twitter… Conservatives who voted for this guy and thought he was going to be your ally, I hate to say I told you so, but I told you so.”

Joy Behar later joined in to ask why such a large number of people even supported Trump, before Whoopi joined in to answer by saying “Because they desperately want him to be that guy [who will save them],” Whoopi chimed in, despite knowing nothing about the values that Trump supporters have.

Since Whoopi Goldberg and her whining friends can’t see the big picture themselves, Twitter users immediately let them know that their constant Trump-bashing and ranting has become boring and over-done:

If you ask us, this whole show along with its hosts and co-hosts should be SHUT DOWN as soon as possible for the good of everyone!

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