WATCH – New Trump Fan Ad Video is MELTING DOWN the Internet – Millions Are Spreading It

Yet another video urging American voters to vote for a true patriot to become the next U.S. president has gone viral. The unofficial video details why the United States is in dire need of a president who is not owned by special interests or the political elite—and who therefore has the potential to fix the major problems plaguing the nation.

The economy has not increased under the Obama administration—no matter how much Hillary Clinton and her liberal minions claim otherwise.

There are now 48 million people subsisting off of government assistance—courtesy of hard-working taxpayers.

For the first time in the history of our nation, more people are living off the system instead of paying into it.

Such a scenario is a recipe for economic disaster—sooner rather than later if Hillary Clinton wins in November.

America has been reduced to a Third World country as a result of far too many years under liberal management.

Our roads are crumbling, the public education system is failing, and our military has been reduced to pre-World War II levels.

The national debt has increased under Obama more than under all other American presidents COMBINED.

If Donald Trump is not granted the opportunity to Make America Great Again, our national security will be placed in dire circumstances.

Unsecured borders, extremely lackluster vetting of Muslim refugees and individuals granted visas to enter the U.S., and the inability to defend ourselves could destroy our way of life and place our families in harm’s way.

We simply cannot survive a third term of Barack Obama—and that is exactly what Hillary’s tenure will be—if she isn’t called to justice for her classified email scandal or the Clinton Foundation pay-to-play scandal… and that is not likely to happen.

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