WATCH – Hillary ‘Flip-Flop’ Video Just Uncovered, Watch It Before It Is Taken Down!!

Liberals can no longer claim Hillary Clinton has not been a flip-flopper when it is politically expedient after watching this viral video. Hillary gets very testy when her long record of switching sides is laid bare before We the People. Hopefully, Donald Trump will hammer home all of her flip-flops, like those in the video, and expose her as the opportunistic career politician she truly is during their upcoming debate.

“You have to look to the record, you have to look at what we say in campaigns,” Hillary says in the video—a sentence now coming back to bite her.

Here’s a roundup of some of Hillary’s most egregious flip-flops:

In 2008, Hillary supported “clean coal.” In 2015, she reported “strict restrictions” on coal. In 2016, she said she wanted to “put a lot of coal miners out of business.”

In early 2015, she was a proponent of charter schools, but she came out strongly against them later that same year—likely in an effort to secure an endorsement from teachers unions.

In 2000, Clinton opposed gay marriage, but she came out in full support of same-sex marriage in 2015. She did not say her position on the issue “evolved” like Barack Obama did but staunchly maintained she had always supported gay marriage, even though there is video evidence to the contrary.

In 2008, she claimed Obama was going way too far in his gun control effort, but in late 2015, she was all in on the attack against our Second Amendment rights, saying the gun culture was “way out of balance.”

In 2008, she also opposed giving driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants, but she now thinks such a policy is a stellar idea.

In 2007, Hillary Clinton did not support the policy of sanctuary cities being permitted to ignore federal agencies attempting to enforce the law—her mind on that topic has also flip-flopped.

In 2011, Clinton deemed the Syrian president a “reformer,” but now she views him as a “principle threat.”

The Hillary Clinton flip-flop list could go on and on and on.

She will say absolutely anything to get elected.

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