WATCH – Hilarious New Video DESTROYS Hillary, And It’s Going Massively Viral

This popular comedian thinks he knows exactly why Lester Holt opted against asking Hillary Clinton any tough questions during the first presidential debate. The hilarious new political video has gone viral—and maybe it will change how the mainstream media moderators behave the next time around.

Folks are “not afraid” to make fun of Hillary—they are “terrified,” according to comedian Jeff Dunham.

As the body count of weird and mysterious deaths linked to the Clintons continues to grow, it’s no wonder comics and debate moderators are fearful of mocking Hillary.

Perhaps being scared of becoming a suicide victim courtesy of two gun shots wounds to the back of the head has deterred the typical political comedy we are subjected to during an election year.

“In case you missed our YouTube video last week… We know why Hillary wasn’t asked the tough questions last night,” Dunham posted when sharing his new video about the election campaign coverage.

The characters Jeff Dunham humanizes in his videos and on the stage opened the video by giving voice to the many comments left on his prior videos that poked fun at Donald Trump.

A plethora of viewers wanted to know why he hadn’t yet made fun of Hillary Clinton.

Jeff Dunham is one of the few comics who has dared to crack jokes about Hillary’s lies, unbridled ambition, and sense of entitlement.

He has now ventured into uncharted territory by making jabs about how she and Bill Clinton may or may not have played a role in the 40+ sudden and mysterious deaths of folks in their circle—at quite opportune moments.

What do you think about the late night television treatment given to both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton?

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