WATCH – Controversial Trump Video is BLOWING UP – Watch And You’ll See Why It’s Viral

Controversial Trump Video is BLOWING UP

Controversial Trump Video is BLOWING UP

If there is one thing Alex Jones is, it is controversial, and most of us would not ask him to change a thing! He can be a little sensationalistic sometimes, but the end product is usually worth it… and this video is definitely worth it.

While browsing his page today, I found a video that is suddenly going viral for two reasons: Trump fans love it and Hillary/Obama supporters absolutely hate it! Jones sticks Trump in the lead role of 300, and it has liberals spinning on their heads…

More importantly, though, it drives home the point of how powerful a small movement can become when it is strong from top to bottom.

Much like the soldiers in 300, Trump supporters were up against overwhelming odds, yet our strength continues to grow.


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