BREAKING: USAA Caves Under BOMBARDMENT of Angry Backlash After Dropping Hannity

Veterans financial service group USAA is experiencing extreme backlash for folding like a house of cards under totalitarian leftist liberal pressure.

The group pulled their advertising from Sean Hannity’s show after George Soros, Hillary Clinton, and Mediamatters went on the attack, contacting Hannity’s sponsors after he began looking into the suspicious death of DNC staffer and suspected Wikileaks informant Seth Rich.

USAA was blindsided with an unexpected assault of complaints and they are now reversing their course.

The Washington Times reports:

Financial services firm USAA is trying to weather a fierce public relations storm after pulling its ads from “Hannity.”

USAA’s customers flooded the company’s Facebook page with angry feedback this week over its decision to stop running ads with Fox News star Sean Hannity’s program. The company said Wednesday that commercials were mistakenly run on “Hannity” because it only buys time for “news programs,” but the media watchdog Newsbusters spotlighted ads run during MSNBC’s “Hardball” and “The Rachel Maddow Show.”

“I just got a call back from ‘Danny’ from CEO Relations,” customer Marvin Dickson Newman wrote on USAA’s Facebook page Thursday. “He said that it is USAA’s ‘policy’ not to advertise on opinion shows and that their ads on Sean Hannity were a goof-up. I asked for a copy of the policy and when was it implemented. He said the policy is not to give that out. … Danny would not give me his last name and refused to pass the phone up to someone who could tell me the obvious truth: They caved. I took out $$ today and will continue the process of cancelling all my accounts with them.”

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