Trump Saves Israel After Obama Ambush

The Obama administration, in a petty display of politics ambushed, Israel using the United Nations as its proxy.

Egypt sponsored a resolution before the United Nations Security Council, condemning Israel over settlements in areas claimed by the Palestinians. Now this is routine.

ROUTINE. The Muslim world hates Israel, they all, and when I say all I mean ALL want to wipe Israel from the map. Eliminate it. This is not a negotiation, Muslim countries do not want terms they want the end of Israel. And they are always sponsoring resolutions in the UN condemning Israel. They frame it in some other way but it usually amounts to Muslim countries object to the concept of Israel itself.

Every time some backward Muslim nation sponsor’s and assault on Israel, we block it in the UN with a veto. As a permanent member of the security council we have that right. As the primary funder of the UN we always exercise that right.

We have never left Israel to stand alone against their enemies. Never. Ever.

Until now. Obama refused to veto the resolution Egypt sponsored. Netanyahu called Trump for help from this despicable ambush from Obama. Trump called the Egyptian president and while the call details were not released the end result was. Egypt pulled their resolution.

Trump made a deal. he said he was going to fix the problem, give him some time. Egypt complied. Some other half-baked Muslim countries like Senegal reintroduced the resolution.

All Obama had to do was veto it. We always do, we always stand with Israel, Trump made a deal Egypt agreed with…easy peazy japanezy right?

Wrong. Obama in his last f*ck you to democracy, to America, and more importantly to Israel, let the resolution pass.

Opening up Israel to a host of issues and problems they now have to deal with alone. But only for 27 more days.

Because Donald Trump had an epic response to Obama’s treachery,

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