Eric Trump Just Came with STUNNING Announcement

The most popular family in the country gets the attention of every reporter out there, but journalists weren’t always keen on writing words of goodness. This is probably the main reason for the family’s modesty when it comes to giving interviews.

Eric Trump had his first interview since his father took oath in office. Eric didn’t fancy going out in public, and giving interviews, because liberals keep sneaking around in an attempt to bash the First Family. Here we’d mention the attempts to shut down their businesses and brands. Remember what happened to Ivanka’s line? But, Eric decided to speak his mind, and announced that the Trump Organization is still alive.

“We have an amazing team,” Eric revealed in his interview. “We have amazing people. We function incredibly well and we know what everybody does. There is no second-guessing who is responsible for what.”

“We act as a family unit and we have incredible loyalty,” the President’s son added, “and everybody works incredibly hard and is incredibly good at what they do.”

Eric also talked about all the things that happened to his family after his father won the presidential elections.

“The biggest thing in the world is what he is doing,” Eric said. “And we would never want to do anything to remotely jeopardize that. So, we were the first people to raise our hands and say, you know what, let’s not build anything [else] overseas.”

Eric and his brother Donald Jr. got in charge of the Trump Organization after their father became a president.

“I made the purchases of every single one of those golf course, and I rebuilt every single one of those properties,” Eric revealed. “I know their attics better than anybody and I know the mechanical systems better than anybody.”

What do you think about this? Are you happy to hear that the Trump Organization is strong again?

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