Top Dems Admit Defeat, It Was All 1 Big Lie

Any fears that President Trump could be impeached have dwindled, as high-level Democrats admit that they were lying about the president.

Key Democrat officials are warning their rank and file members that no evidence of a Trump-Russia “collusion” exists. The conspiracy was fake the entire time, and was a treasonous attempt to demonize our duly-elected president. (via The Intercept)

Democrats have become terrified now that a special prosecutor has been appointed to investigate the alleged conspiracy. Top officials know there is no evidence, and are worried they will lose all credibility when the theory is proven false.

In preparation for the inevitable letdown, Democrats are warning their base not to expect a “silver bullet” anytime soon.

The Russia collusion narrative was too good for the Democrats and their cronies in the mainstream media to pass up. It provided a convenient scapegoat for why Hillary lost the election, while also offering a road to impeachment.

During the course of the election, the lying mainstream media convinced droves of Democrats that Donald Trump was the Antichrist. Their delicate psyches could not accept his historic victory.

Instead of working with the new president, Democrats turned inward and concocted a crazy story. However, the allegations have grown out of control, and rank and file Democrats are expecting impeachment any moment now.

When the theory is ultimately proven wrong, the Democrats and the mainstream media will be revealed as the scam artists that they are. Fearing the worst, high-level Democrats have started walking back their big allegations.

Michael Morell, the former chief of the CIA and a surrogate of Hillary Clinton, has admitted that the Trump-Russia collusion conspiracy is completely fabricated. “On the question of the Trump campaign conspiring with the Russians here, there is smoke, but there is no fire at all,” said Morell at an intelligence community forum, “There’s no little campfire, there’s no little candle, there’s no spark. And there’s a lot of people looking for it.”

Morell was one of the first high-level officials to publicly accuse President Trump of working for Russia. Now, he is walking back earlier statements out of fear of ultimately being proven wrong.

Morell is not the only high-level Democrat admitting defeat. James Clapper, who served as Obama’s Director of National Intelligence, admitted recently that there was no evidence to prove collusion between Trump and Russia.

The liberal claims of “collusion” between President Trump and Russia were false from the beginning. Do you agree? Let America know!

Democrats are also warning their pawns in the media to stop pushing the connection. They know they will be revealed soon, and are hoping to mitigate the massive blowback for leading this feckless witch hunt.

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