SURPRISE: WikiLeaks Reveals What’s in Next Hillary Email Drop… Campaign Panics

WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange told Russia Today that the FBI has enough information to indict Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton already, however, his group is planning to release even more information on the Clinton Foundation.

British Journalist Afshin Rattansi spoke with Assange via Russia Today. Assange not only discussed the future release of emails, he discussed WikiLeaks’ release of 350 emails that show that Clinton took money froma transnational concrete company called LaFarge, that allegedly gave money to the Islamic State group.

Last week, WikiLeaks reported that Clinton took $100,000 from LaFarge and that the group possesses 350 emails detailing the LaFarge deals in Syria including, alleged money given to ISIS.

You can watch the interview of Assange below:

“Money from La Farge in 2015 and 2016 went to Hillary Clinton foundation. There is actually a long-term relationship between LaFarge and Clinton; she was a member of the board,” Assange told RT.

Assange continued: “LaFarge, which is … giant transnational concrete company was involved in Syria. There are more than 350 LaFarge related emails in our Syria emails release. The investigations by Le Monde reveals that they paid ISIS money, taxes for their operations in certain areas, were engaged in a variety of business deals with ISIS.”

Assange also discussed Clinton’s funneling of weapons to Syria through Libya:

“The U.S. government at the times when Hillary Clinton was in charge of the foreign policy did use Libya as a conduit to get arms to jihadists in Syria. That is well-established not just by a range of raw materials but also by … investigative reporters in the US, some of which were even published in The New York Times,” Assange said.

Assange also discussed Clinton’s assertion that GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump has ties to Russia:

“There is a much deeper connection on record with Hillary Clinton and Russia than we are presently aware of with Donald Trump,” he said.

“Hillary Clinton did quite well strategically to draw a connection between Trump and Russia because she has so many connections of her own. There is no substantial connection [between Trump and Russia].”

This is more incredibly damning information about Clinton, and may prove that Clinton could be in for an “October surprise.” Let’s hope so.

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