George Soros Just Got TRAGIC News

According to reports, George Soros was backing the left-wing group that managed the violent riot that closed down the Milo Yiannopoulos event in Berkeley, CA.

He has been evicted from multiple countries because of his efforts to enforce a new world order from the backdoor. He has been creating the impression that Trump is unpopular by playing demonstrators to carry out presentations about this.

People have started to realize what Soros has been up to so they are kicking him out of the country. It’s a small price to pay for partnering up with rioters.

The Alliance for Global Justice is financed by Soros, who has apparently donated 50.000 dollars to the Refuse Fascism fund.

The benefactors of the Alliance for Global Justice – and Refuse Fascism – are listed online, even though it’s still not clear if they were paid to carry out violence.According to its most recent 990 tax form, Alliance for Global Justice received 2.2 million dollars in funding for the fiscal year ending in March 2016.

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