Soldiers who were with John Kerry in Vietnam: “he’s a traitor!” Do you Agree?

Secretary of State John Kerry betrayed
his fellow the vietnam veterans by accusing them of committing the worst possible war crimes.

Kerry received three phony Purple Heart medals after lying and exaggerating about his brief combat duty in Vietnam, says fellow soldiers who served with him in Vietnam.

Kerry served in Vietnam for only four months and rarely saw real combat. Yet he applied for a Purple Heart Medal for an incident which was actually caused by his own criminal negligence.

When Kerry’s own commander opposed giving him a medal, Kerry applied political pressure on the military to force them to give him the undeserved honor. If not for Kerry’s political connections he would never have received the Purple Heart medals.

In fact Kerry’s fellow soldiers who served with him, believed that he was a disastrous officer who deserve to be court-Martialed.

John Kerry, for personal and political gain, besmirched the honor, integrity and the patriotism of all who served in Vietnam. No one I knew in the “Enlisted Men” ranks wanted to go to the John Kennedy and Robert Kennedy contrived war in Vietnam, or at least, except for a few rare individuals. They went because it was their duty, Jim Walker says.

Only officers wanted to go off to this worthless war. They needed the war to make rank, to put a check-mark on their records, to write a bunch of medal citations for themselves and their buddies. The truth about those medals and check-marks are spelled out completely in the book “About Face” written by the most decorated officer in Vietnam, Colonel David Hackworth.

John Kerry was one of those officers. Now don’t get me wrong, there were some very fine officers, with the highest of integrity and honor, who went off to war in 1965. I served with some of the best, with my own commanding officer at Fort Campbell, Colonel Olan E. Smith making General over there. Our Executive Officer 1st Lt. Albert A. Griffith, a graduate of Penn State and ROTC, was the finest officer I knew in my time in service. I still remember, and laugh, at his humorous relationship with his Nittany Lion Dictionary. He carried it everywhere with him, and instantly drawled it out as if a 45 Caliber Pistol, whenever the meaning or spelling of a word was in doubt.

John Kerry was, and is, a “dirtbag”!, he says.

He came home, threw his phony medals over the fence at the White House, and called the common soldier in Vietnam all sorts of scurrilous names and base accusations, all of which were untrue, and proven so later. He testified before Congress in 1971, testimony that was filled with lies, so much so that he should have been charged with treason on the spot. The attached videos will sum up John Kerry the traitor of Vietnam:

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