In light of all of the events happening recently, North Korea is now on the back burner. They have attempted, in a childlike fashion, to get attention.  Someone needs to tell the North Koreans to GROW UP.

According to the Washington Examiner, North Korea launched strange floating objects into South Korea. At first, everyone seemed nervous about what the objects could be, and what threat they might pose.  It is suspected that these items are drones. South Korea is not taking chances, and they fired nearly 90 machine gun bullets at the objects until they vanished off of the radar.

We are not surprised that N. Korea decided to engage in this behavior. There is a lot going on around the world right now. The recent attacks on Manchester, England, an island takeover in the Philippines, and the mysterious death of Seth Rich have dominated headlines.

Kim Jong-un was the center of attention for a while. He was threatening everyone, and, as always, doing nothing to back up his words. President Trump sent a fleet of ships over to the edge of N. Korea as if to say, “We dare you.”

As you would expect, Kim backed down and hid like a coward. Before all of this occurred, he was launching random missiles into the sea surrounding Korea. It is nothing but a series of empty threats.

Now, he is back at it again because he is no longer the center of attention. Kim reminds us of a 5-year-old. If you stop paying attention to him, he throws a temper tantrum until someone acknowledges that he exists.

It must be hard to have the mentality of a child and control of a country. We suspect that Kim fired drones (or whatever they were) over to South Korea to get their attention — and ours.

Jong-un probably thought that the attention was going to be fear, but it isn’t. Everyone is like, “Oh, there goes N. Korea acting out again. They can’t help it… they don’t have any friends.”

We have to wonder what they are going to try to do next to get our attention. Clearly, they have a goal in mind, but their execution leaves a lot to be desired. Sooner or later, they are going to make a BIG mistake and we are going to retaliate in a way that is irreversible.

President Trump warned North Korea on multiple occasions if they are not ready for a full-scale conflict, then they need to just back down and shut up. North Korea does NOT want what we are bringing to the table. They would surrender in no time at all. If Kim is enjoying his time in his inflatable castle, he better worry about what is going on there and leave everyone else alone.

If Jong-un is feeling froggy all he has to do is take the leap. We are all ready and waiting for a chance to take down North Korea and disarm them once and for all. We bet that S. Korea would LOVE that idea!

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