Sheriff Clarke PROMISED To Ruin Hillary Clinton’s Life

Now that James Comey is finally out of his position, Sheriff Clarke took to Twitter and promised to apprehend Hillary Clinton if he is to succeed Comey in his position of FBI Director.

He suggested Congressman Trey Gowdy as a popular favorite to take over the seat of corrupt James Comey. This being said, there is one thing that’s more than sure, whoever gets picked by President Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton will face her worst nightmares, while the new FBI Director proceeds with the investigation into her crimes that everyone awaited for so long.

Regardless of Trump pulling Comey from his position, that does not mean that Hillary would get away with this so easy.

As some reported, if it is decided for the examination to not continue, there are three concerns that will arise.

1). Deciding whether or not to investigate a person is not the president’s decision, but instead of “the system.” By the term “system” it is meant “the rule of law” which is the single most important governing concept that the democracy possesses, raising the weakest citizen to the level of the most powerful.

2) Dropping the case draws the question of fairness. It is true that there are people who have done so much worse than Hillary, and regardless of everything, they faced their punishment.

3) Danger lies in wait in reducing the investigation. No one knows the evil acts of the Clinton Foundation, and lots of people have been probing every single one of their actions, but the appearances of any types of leaks would completely embarrass Hillary as well as President Trump, for letting her go.

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