Shep Smith Slips Up – Makes HUMILIATING Mistake On Live TV

Fox News host Shep Smith has seen his popularity decline dramatically over the past year as he has repeatedly attacked President Donald Trump on his show. His frequent slandering of Trump has gotten so bad that many believe he is trying to get a job at CNN or MSNBC.

This week, Smith was once again attacking Trump when he made an embarrassing flub during a live broadcast, and humiliated himself further with his odd reaction to it. Conservative 101 reported that when the flub happened, Smith was talking about Trump dropping the “mother of all bombs, the world’s largest non-nuclear bomb, on an ISIS compound in Afghanistan and killing 94 ISIS fighters last week.

“World leaders including Syria’s Putin,” Smith said in a humiliating slip up. “I should say Russia’s Putin — Russia’s Putin, Syria’s Assad and North Korea’s Kim, watching President Trump’s every room.”

When he realized his mistake, Smith let out an uncomfortable laugh and then twisted his face into a sneaky smile. One internet user commented on the situation, saying, “Watching him is irritating to me because he implies his liberal preference with subtleties. After all, he doesn’t want to give up his overpaid job at Fox.”

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