Right After Tucker Carlson Revealed Obama’s Secret on Live TV, Barack Immediately Hired A Lawyer

Tucker Carlson had a guest on his show and what he said shocked America. The guest was a former high ranking career NSA officer. The man’s name is Bill Binney.

 Binney spent 20 years working for the NSA. This is a top-secret agency with rumors constantly swirling around it. What can it do, what should it do, what is it really capable of doing?

Americans don’t know – for good reason – so when a former officer comes forward it is best to listen a little more closely to his tales than of your average TV pundit.

But Bill Binney is not just an ordinary agent. He resigned when he discovered the NSA was collecting wholesale data on every electronic communication.

Even domestic – remember when Clapper said that wasn’t true and then Snowden busted him? Binney went on Tucker and blew the whistle on this program saying it started in 2001 under Bush and was used for more than two years under Obama. They called this Stellar Wind.

According to documents obtained by the Guardian, a federal judge would approve a bulk collection of metadata “every 90 days.”

 Then it gets rolled over for another 90 days after the first period ended. To be clear, Stellar Wind was a domestic collection of data.

“Eventually, the NSA gained authority to “analyze communications metadata associated with United States persons and persons believed to be in the United States”, according to a 2007 Justice Department memo.

As Tucker Carlson says this is a big deal and makes us look more like eastern Germany that The United States Of America.

 “Yes, in  fact they are taking in fundamentally the entire fiber network inside the us and collecting all that data and storing it. They call it stellar wind. Phone calls, email, financial transactions, all of it.

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