Rex Tillerson Brutally Responded To John McCain

John McCain’s name links with various controversies, still that fact doesn’t seem to prevent him from becoming so active in his political career. American people know and they are confident that McCain never did anything effective for his country. He continuously “attacks” President Donald Trump, not choosing his words. And also, as we think things are not going to settle. All things considered, the Secretary of State Rex Tillerson decided to take action against McCain.

The whole thing between them started after McCain attempted to convince Americans to trust that Tillerson harms citizens, asking him to stop with that politics. McCain quoted “oppression policies,” so it was a time for Tillerson to make his move. The assumption is that McCain was not ready for such response from Tillerson.

“You don’t know what you’re talking about, John,” said Tillerson and to be fair McCain deserved these words after his assertion about Tillerson.

As a reminder, in one of McCain pieces, he said: “Tillerson has sent a message to oppressed people everywhere, ‘Don’t look to the United States for hope.’” Based on what he means, America should help people from all over the world, and not deal with the suffering of their own people. McCain proved that he only thinks about people outside our nation. All things considered, maybe he is attempting to pull somebody’s attention.

That’s why President Trump picked Rex Tillerson, and his proposal of the new team is very good. McCain likewise has his motives for “attacking” the President and his approach. But it seems, that American people simply doesn’t agree with McCain.

After everything McCain does, we can safely claim that he is liberal living between Republicans. So it is not unexpected, that John McCain endeavors to push ahead with his plan.

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