Rand Paul EXPOSED Obama’s MAJOR Criminal

Senator Rand Paul protected the President in their latest Fox News appearance.

Verifying that the Obama administration supervised him throughout the campaign, Rand Paul stated, “We’ve had two reporters call us who’ve said they have sources. I have not seen the sources so I cannot say one way or the other. But when I have two different reporters calling me saying they have multiple sources saying the Obama administration was either unmasking or querying presidential candidates, my ears do perk up.”

Throughout the interview, Sen. Paul stood by President Trump for dismissing Comey and negated all Russia-related allegations just before he dropped the Obama bombshell.

Based on Paul, several sources have verified that he was one of the locales of the mass monitoring campaign carried out by the Obama administration in the face of the election.

Rand Paul is the second Republican presidential candidate to make a claim that the Obama administration spied on him.

To support his accusations, Paul has asked President Trump to look into the potential power abuse in an official letter a week ago.

It looks like the Obama administration monitored a number of presidential candidates to reveal dirt on their political opponents, ultimately in an effort to help the Democrat nominee, Hillary Clinton, win.

This is an unprecedented misuse of power matchless to anything else in American history. As president, Obama authorized the development of the largest spy network that the earth has ever seen. The NSA has the capability to intercept the electronic communications of anyone all over the world.

Throughout his time as president, Obama brought shame to America when it was exposed that he had spied on more than 35 world leaders, such as our close allies. This involved German Chancellor Angela Merkel, whose mobile phone was wiretapped. (according to The Guardian)

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