President Trump’s New Order Shocked The Whole Country

One of President Trump’s campaign promises was that he will stand against every violence towards our policemen and policewomen.

That was not the case with former President Barack Obama as many lives from our police were lost. Thank God president Trump took charge and things are going to change massively.

During Obama’s presidency, there was a marked disregard for the lives and service of our police officers. Criminals were hailed as martyrs and good cops were vilified, as the president spewed irresponsible rhetoric. Obama only helped fan the flames of injustice, empowering radical activists to declare war on our police forces. All that is over now, now that we have a president and attorney general who will work with cops rather than against them. Police will no longer be branded as the enemy, but respected and freed to do their jobs.

Trump will simply not allow for these men and women to be called with bad names or get any hatred.

According to Mad World News:

President Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions just reversed the bigotry and bias against law enforcement officers that Barack Obama introduced into our society during his presidency.

Attorney General Jeff Session issued a statement in which he said that:

They are abandoning Obama’s tactic of suing police departments for violating the civil rights of minorities. In other words: No longer will there be a rush to judgment, assuming a cop is guilty if he shoots a minority. We need, so far as we can, to help police departments get better, not diminish their effectiveness. And I am afraid we have done some of that.

The time is right to clean up the mess that Obama left us with and move on to creating a stronger country.

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