ver since President Donald Trump broke open the long-simmering news about how former President Barack Hussein Obama had him wiretapped at Trump Tower, Obama’s former team and his cronies in the Democratic party have been in panic mode.

They have been scrambling to cover their tracks so their involvement in the operation won’t be discovered, and they have been sending out Obama surrogates and important intelligence agency allies to put out denial after unbelievable denial. However, key players have finally been revealed, such as the identity of the person who authorized this surveillance operation.

According to reports, it was none other than Obama’s U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch who signed off on the warrant to do the wiretapping. This should surprise nobody, since Lynch already got into hot water for her secret meeting on the airport tarmac with failed would-be First Husband Bill Clinton.

 It is not a coincidence that Obama’s first attempt at getting a warrant to do the wiretapping, which was denied, happened shortly after this infamous meeting between Clinton and Lynch.

Explained George Washington Law School professor Jonathan Turley about the system Obama and Lynch used, “FISA was designed more to facilitate than to limit surveillance. It adopted a standard that was heavily weighted toward approval. You almost have to work to find a way to get turned down by a FISA court.”

Are you sickened by what Barack Hussein Obama and his lackey Loretta Lynch did to Trump?


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