OMG! After Notre Dame Students Walked Out on Mike Pence’s Speech, WATCH All Hell Break Loose

A large group of Notre Dame students walked out of their own graduation ceremony “in protest” of Mike Pence delivering the commencement speech. Instead of being honored that the Vice President was giving this speech, they “protested” him speaking by walking out.

They claimed it was due to conservative social policies he has supported in the past, but they are ignoring the fact that Notre Dame is 85% Catholic, so the school they’re graduating from supports these same policies. Watch what happens when these students stand up to walk out! It backfired big time!

s you’ll hear in the video, the entire crowd at the graduation starts booing these students. The crowd clearly was in support of Pence and felt these students were disrespectful. WATCH these two videos then SHARE on Facebook if you support Vice President Pence! (Watch until the end)

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