OH MY! After What Melania Did Last Night, Everyone In America Fell In Love With Her…

Melania Trump is a frickin’ beautiful First Lady of the United States. She is not gettin’ down to her role as the First Lady of the Whitehouse. She has finally embraced her role. Let’s give her a cheer below in the comments!


May she bring peace and feminity to the Whitehouse! She gave a speech in honor of International Women’s day this week and her approval ratings soared by 36% to 52%. You heard that right her at Liberty Writers News. According to Daily Mail, Melania Trump is becoming beloved by the American people.

*** AND SHE’S AN IMMIGRANT. Sick that in your pipe and smoke it you race-obsessed liberals that read this page.

According to a CNN/ORC poll, 52% of Americans are now favorable of Melania. Her approval rating is skyrocketing. The new poll was conducted on March 1-4.


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