Barack Obama has returned from his luxury vacations to assume his role as a community organizer. As he put it recently, he sees himself as helping shape the youth in America, nothing more. Well, it’s just been uncovered that he has a new job, and it pays $400,000 dollars an hour. Here’s everything he doesn’t want you to know, and it’s pissing off Americans across the country.

Fox News’ Charlie Gasparino reports that in what may be his first paid speaking arrangement, Obama will be paid $400,000 to speak at Cantor Fitzgerald’s healthcare conference this September, setting the benchmark for how much an hour the former president’s time will cost going forward.

A spokesman for the former president didn’t return a call for comment, and a spokeswoman for Cantor said the firm is not in a position to comment just yet, but would not deny that Obama has agreed to speak to the firm and at the $400,000 fee. Translation, Obama has agreed, but if it gets out how much he is making, it makes him look like a huge hypocrite.

This flies in the face of how Obama wants the world to see him. Taking that much money reeks of a purely capitalistic move, something Obama has built his career hating. Zerohedge reports, “Obama, who spent years bashing big banks (even if, like Trump, ultimately achieved nothing to halt Wall Street’s dominance) will deliver the keynote address at the organization’s lunch in what will be one of his first paid speeches.”

President Trump ran on being a self-made billionaire, a tribute to American ingenuity, but Obama’s brand is the opposite. Yet, look how hypocritical he is; deep down Obama is a capitalist after all. So, who is the real liar? Obama is, of course, but he can’t afford for his supporters to get wind that he is only in it for a huge payday.

Fox News article calls him the “newest Wall Street fat cat.” The report added, “It’s also likely to be a source of criticism against the former president given Obama’s record of attacks against Wall Street bankers for making huge salaries while average Americans were suffering from the ravages of the 2008 financial crisis. Obama, a progressive Democrat, spoke frequently about Wall Street greed during his eight years as president.”

Let’s be clear, conservative Americans applaud capitalism. It’s one of the cornerstones that made this country great. It’s Obama trying to cover-up his real nature, that he wants a big payday while he panders himself off as despising the rich, that we have a problem with.

Patriots are laughing as Obama’s liberal supporters cringe now that he is officially exposed. Obama’s nothing special, and he is demanding $400,000 for an hour of his time. Now that the world knows he’s not a poor, struggling former president, the irony is that these speaking engagements may dry up, now that he is just another Wall Street fat cat.


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