New Obama Scandal Rocks Nation… This May Ruin Michelle Too

That is no small feat because this great nation has beat back every other attempt to turn it into a monarchy or dictatorship.

Obama wanted to be President for life. He admitted as much when he told a group of African leaders he would love to stay on for another term or six but he could not because of the law.

But he added, I’m good at the job implying that it was a shame that he, the great Obama, could not stay on forever ruling the world.

Sorry, Barack get a real job.

According to The Federalist Papers, the National Review just dropped a bombshell report that proves Obama should be behind bars and half of his administration right there with him for what they did when they ran the NSA.

According to the report Obama, “intentionally and routinely intercepted and reviewed communications of American citizens in violation of the Constitution.”

But that is not all. The treachery runs deep with Obama and the Democrats. As the report states, they knew and covered it up.

“While aware that it was going on for an extensive period of time, the administration failed to disclose its unlawful surveillance of Americans until late October 2016, when the administration was winding down and the NSA needed to meet a court deadline in order to renew various surveillance authorities under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA).”

How is this not the biggest scandal in the history of the United Sates of America?

The report goes on,

“The administration’s stonewalling about the scope of the violation induced an exasperated Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to accuse the NSA of an institutional lack of candor in connection with what the court described as a very serious Fourth Amendment issue.”

 You think? Obama should be tried and convicted for his crimes and Michelle should not get to spend one penny of that huge pension she thinks is hers. Nope, it’s ours and if you violate the law you shouldn’t get it. Sorry Michelle, get a real job.

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