NYPD Has Uncovered A Sickening SEX Crime Committed By Hillary Clinton!

The common knowledge among just about anyone is that if you are aware of a crime you have to let authorities know as soon as possible. Otherwise, you might be liable for being an accessory after the fact.

Since the NYPD seized Anthony Weiner’s laptop, some of them can’t wait to alert the public what the evidence revealed about Clinton — for fear it may not come out otherwise!

Unconfirmed reports state that NYPD sources, including some who’ve been working the case involving Weiner, allege that Hillary Clinton found out about Anthony Weiner’s sexting to an underage girl months after he began, via True Pundit. Clinton then told Huma Abedin, her closest adviser, to distance herself from her husband, but she did nothing to stop Weiner or protect the poor child.

The honorable officers in the NYPD apparently considered charging Clinton. After all, she took steps to protect her career and did not inform any authorities that she knew a child was being sexually abused.

No one with a conscience can just sit back as a child is put in danger.

And this girl, who was potentially ONLY 14 when Weiner began abusing her, was in deep danger. According to alleged NYPD sources, the girl told Weiner she was considering suicide and suffering from depression. She also talked about learning to drive and high school, which clearly indicates her age.

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