HE HAS NO SHAME: Check Out What Barack Obama Did This Weekend

During his eight years in office, Barack Obama was loved and adored by Hollywood elites and celebrities. He could do no wrong despite having a litany of scandals under him during his presidency – Fast and Furious gun debacle that lead to deaths of border patrol agents, IRS scandal solely targeting conservatives, Benghazi, and the Veterans Affairs exposure of fake reports by executives to get bonuses while veterans who had to wait too long for care died – to name a few.

All this and yet, the love affair between Barack Obama and Hollywood continues while both rail against President Trump at every turn.

AOL reported that Obama dropped everything last month to visit Hollywood A-lister George Clooney at his mansion in the United Kingdom. He arrived there on May 27, days before the birth of Clooney’s new twin babies with his wife Amal.

“Obama arrived around 7:15 in the evening [local time] and left at around 11:30,” an insider said. “[Obama] had tons of security around him.”

The former president reportedly stayed at Clooney’s estate for over four hours in the English countryside of London. Obama and Clooney have been good friends for years, famously playing together in a basketball game following a fundraiser in 2012. Obama has previously called Clooney, who is a big-time Democrat donor, as a “good man and a good friend.”

“He’s cute, too,” Michelle Obama once said of the actor.

It’s clear Obama still loves the limelight and wants to maintain his A-list status as well. SHARE if you want Obama to GO AWAY!

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