NEWT GINGRICH HAS HAD ENOUGH! He just confronted George Stephanopoulos face-to-face and destroyed the liberal media! Do you stand with Newt and Trump against the LYING media? – COMMENT “Yes” or “No” then #SHARE so this goes viral!

Newt Gingrich is on FIRE as of late. First, he exposed the media last week for inviting terrorism with their political correctness. Now, he just went on ABC and ended the mainstream media’s credibility once and for all!

While Newt was a panelist on “This week with George Stephanopoulos,” the entire liberal panel AND the host did nothing but TRASH President Trump. WELL, NEWT HAD FINALLY HAD ENOUGH!

Newt interrupted and called out these liberal “reporters” face-to-face! He looked right at Stephanopoulos and told him he’s been wrong about Trump since day one, and that he’s lost all credibility. Newt told them they all live in an alternate universe, divorced from reality!

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Here is the transcript of the exchange:

NEWT GINGRICH: “You guys all collectively lived through Trump knocking off the Republicans, Trump knocking off Hillary, being wrong about all of it at every stage. And you turn around and play the same old conventional wisdom. Donald Trump is the most divisive president since Abraham Lincoln. He represents an alternative world so that’s why you have riots at places like Berkeley, he — you have two parallel universes here. There’s actually a very funny Megyn Kelly interview I did two weeks before the election, she’s giving me all this polling data. And I said, look, there are two universes.

Now if your universe is right, Hillary Clinton’s president. If our universe is right, Donald Trump is president.”

STEPHANOPOULOS: I completely take that point. That’s how he’s being seen out in the country, in parts of the country right now. But how does it affect the governing? Can you govern effectively — with 40 percent?

GINGRICH: Sure. Well, first of all, as you know, because you’ve done it, presidents are really powerful. Presidents who are willful and strong-willed and focused have enormous capability to move the system.

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