Netanyahu to release 400,000 documents that expose pedophile ring in Washington!

Netanyahu to release 400,000 documents that expose pedophile ring in Washington! These documents are related to the fate of the missing Yemenite children of the 1950s, and the Israeli Prime Minister said that this action will “correct the historical injustice” of hiding the fate of the children.

In case you haven’t heard about this affair, from 1948 to 1954, hundreds of babies and toddlers of families of Yemenite descent mysteriously disappeared during the massive wave of immigration. Most parents were told that their children had died in the hospital, though they never received any official confirmation. Over the years, families have claimed that their children were in fact kidnapped and given away or sold off to Ashkenazi families.

In June 2016, Netanyahu appointed Regional Cooperation Minister Tzachi Hanegbi to reopen the case and reconsider the evidence, and in November the cabinet decided to release the classified documents. This decision overturned a 2001 decision to seal the documents until 2071.

The archives contained around 3,500 case files including hospital records, death certificates, photos and personal testimonies. As such, the collection includes some 1,248 documents regarding hospitalization of the missing children, 1,226 death certificates, 923 burial records, 202 records of surgery following their deaths and 358 birth certificates.

“The committee that tried to find a solution for this matter came out with the understanding that most of the children did die in hospitals,” he pointed out. “But 1,000 children disappeared without graves, a reason of death, a funeral or a body.”

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