Nancy Pelosi Facing Potential Prison Sentence

Nancy Pelosi is not only delusional and uninformed, she is also a criminal and that’s a given. If you had any doubts that this was the case so far, we present hardcore proof of the opposite. 

As reports have stated, the net worth of Nancy Pelosi rounds up at $196 million dollars. She also earns money as a Congresswoman, which is an estimated 193k per year. And let’s not forget that Pelosi might have gotten rich even more by engaging into a trading sham.

Around $5 million of Visa stock were bought by Nancy in one of the most appealing IPO’s in the country. Naturally, she stood against a credit card reform for the next two years.

What happened was, Pelosi’s investment rose up to 203%.

Felony insider trading alert, everyone!

A crime like this would buy a person 20 years in prison, and we hope to see Pelosi going there soon.

Aside from this, Pelosi possesses a few multi-million dollar real estates in D.C., Napa Valley, and San Francisco.

When Pelosi was put in the top 1% of Americans, it didn’t add up. I mean, the woman earns a $193,000 salary.

Nancy was clever enough to use her position to get rich, but was not clever enough to cover her tracks. Donald Trump vowed to drain the swamp and we hope he begins with her!

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