Muslim Doctor Arrested After Doing The UNTHINKABLE To Little Girls In THIS State…

There is a REAL war on women and little girls in this country coming as a result of the Islamic infiltration into America.  Authorities have just charged a Michigan ER doctor with performing genital mutilations on 7-year-old little girls.  This is the very first case brought forth under U.S. law prohibiting the barbaric procedure.

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Jumana Nagarwala was an emergency room physician of Henry Ford Health System in the Detroit suburb of Livonia.  She is scheduled to appear in federal court on Thursday to answer for her heinous and disgusting actions forever altering these young girls in her acts of brutality.

US Attorney Daniel Lemisch said of the practice of female genital mutilation or FGM in a statement –

Female genital mutilation constitutes a particularly brutal form of violence against women and girls. The practice has no place in modern society and those who perform FGM on minors will be held accountable under federal law.”

The practice of FGM is the partial or total removal of the clitoris and is common in several African countries, including Somalia, Sudan, and Egypt. It is prohibited by numerous international treaties yet the barbaric practice persists due to Islamic cultural or religious traditions.

FGM was outlaws in America in 1996.  However, the Michigan case is the first criminal prosecution of its kind against this disgusting practice according to the Department of Justice. Federal agents received an anonymous tip that led to the discovery of Nagarwala’s heinous actions.

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After reviewing her phone records, authorities discovered two 7-year-old girls that traveled from Minnesota to Michigan with their parents to undergo the procedure. A medical exam of both girls showed genital damage consistent with FGM. Scores of additional victims have been tracked down by investigators according to the complaint filed with the courts.

David Olejarz, a spokesman for Henry Ford Health System has stated that Nagarwala has been placed on administrative leave.  No charges are pending against the health facility, nor are they mentioned in the complaint.

The alleged criminal activity did not occur at any Henry Ford facility. We would never support or condone anything related to this practice.”

Nagarwala has also been charged with lying to federal agents due to denying she engaged in the practice.

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Accord to the World Health Organization, FGM can cause severe bleeding and problems urinating, as well as cysts, infections, and significant complications in childbirth.  There is also an increased risk of newborn deaths as a result of the barbaric practice. More than 200 million girls and women alive today have been cut in 30 countries in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia.

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