MAJOR Social Security Scandal Explodes

One of the programs that have been most fought over in the U.S. is social security. This program was established by President Roosevelt some 80 years ago and its initial aim was to help Americans when they reach retirement but it has been ceaselessly misused and taken advantage of.

Citizens who have been paying into the system their whole lives frequently have trouble getting benefits once they reach retirement. In the meantime, immigrants and others who have not yet contributed can withdraw from social security from day one upon entering the U.S.

Many presidents have worked hard to change the system, to ease the burden for posterity, but have often come across the impediment that is progressive legislators. Nowadays, the social security program is in dire need of a change. Donald Trump promised to retain the benefits of social security and Medicaid, but there are still some things that must be changed.

The news is flooring U.S. citizens and disclosing a controversy you wish could only be made up.  Instead, it has only proven the major issues social security faces and the obstacle President Trump has to overcome.

This is the sort of misuse that has perpetuated in the federal government for many years, especially during Obama’s presidency. Obama, who is infamously known for having spent so much of the taxpayer dollars for personal pleasures, appeared to be reluctant to make the needed reductions in our budget or to even make a calculation on what our money is being spent. This appalling amount of money spent to unwarranted beneficiaries proves that under Obama, there was virtually no oversight to ensure that taxpayer dollars went to the right places.  Even the tiniest amount of responsibility could have caught these types of obvious errors.

Somehow it is sad to think of all the ordinary, hard-working U.S. citizens, who put their nose to the grindstone for years to financially support their families and nation, paying into the Social Security program, and are now deprived of their basic benefits due to these unfair abuses. In the meantime, illegal immigrants and undocumented citizens are enjoying the benefits of this program.

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