Tom Perez got the chairman of the Democratic National Committee seat after it got trounced in November in the polls. Now, he’s made an impulsive move to switch up the DNC in a way that no one expected.

Right Wing News informed that Perez just fired the whole DNC staff after Democrats lost the presidency and both houses of Congress in addition to numerous governorships a year ago. Although staffers in the DNC had been cautioned that firings were about to transpire, they never thought that the complete staff would be let go.

The firings started in November, but Perez completed the job this week by delivering mass resignation letters. He wishes to entirely remake the DNC by handpicking the new employees himself.
It ought to be noted that the popular media is representing Perez’s step as one of necessity, yet when Attorney General Jeff Sessions did the same, they vilified him for it.
It’s incredibly frequent for cabinet heads to dispose of staffers from the previous administration, yet when Sessions did just that, the popular media referred to him as corrupt and unethical.

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