Look What Obama Did IMMEDIATELY After Boarding His Plane Yesterday…

Throughout his sham of a presidency, Barack Hussein Obama regularly enjoyed taking lavish vacations to Hawaii on the American taxpayers’ dime. On Monday, he secretly jetted off to his favorite state once again…

The Hill reported that Obama boarded his jet to make the surprise trip to Hawaii after meeting with tech industry executives in San Jose, California. On Monday night, he was spotted at one of his favorite restaurants in Hawaii. This is his second trip to Hawaii since he spent his last Christmas as president there with his family.

This came a day after Obama flew to Omaha, Nebraska for a private meeting with billionaire Warren Buffett and his daughter Susie, who declined to reveal what the three discussed, only saying that the meeting was not a fundraiser.

Obama’s plans in Hawaii are not known at this time, and it’s not clear if he’ll be making any public appearances.

This comes as reports continue to pour in that Obama is running a shadow government from his Washington D.C. home with the goal of taking President Donald Trump down. Sam Stein wrote for the Huffington Post that Obama “dispatched his team — more than a dozen strong, working out of an office in the West End neighborhood of Washington — to keep tabs on the unreported stories (involving Trump).”

“There is a regular conference call for ‘the Obama network,’ a meeting the ex-president attended with former aides a few weeks back, and ad hoc calls to Senate and House Democrats, state-based groups and grassroots organizations,” Stein continued, adding that Obama has “his team” keeping “tabs on the unreported stories.” In other words, they’re digging up dirt on the president. I wonder if he tried to get G. Gordon Liddy out of retirement.

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