Look Very Closely At What Obama Did Right When He Got On The Plane

Throughout his presidency, Barack Obama had no shame about taking lavish vacations at the expense of American taxpayers. Now that

he’s out of the White House, Obama is wasting no time spending the $65 million advance on his book deal on a trip to an island in the

South Pacific.

Obama is currently vacationing on the island of Tetiaroa, where he intends to write his memoir. The former president reportedly

intends to stay there weeks or even months to focus on his writing. The island was originally owned by Hollywood star Marlon Brando,

and has since become a popular vacation spot for the wealthy.

It’s mind-blowing that the publishing world is investing so much in a President that spent most of his time corrupting America.

“The initial thought was that they were wrong,” Publisher’s Weekly News Director Rachel Deahl said of the shocking number. “You

hear a number like that and think it’s been inflated or that they got bad information…It’s a staggeringly large sum. I’ve never seen

anything like this for standalone books.”

Deahl also told Town and Country that the Obamas likely chose to sell their books together to reap the maximum amount of money.

“I don’t think there is any way [Michelle] could have commanded the money he could,” she concluded.

All we know is that we won’t be reading it. We’ve seen enough already. What do you think?

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