Libs INSIST Michelle Obama Is MORE BEAUTIFUL Than This Super Model – What Do You Think? Look Closely…

Michelle Obama is no doubt the most vile, classless, and anti-American first lady this country has ever seen. We were constantly forced to hear this woman flap her gums with her anti-American rhetoric, where she proclaimed during a speech that she spent the majority of her life feeling ashamed of her country. Let’s not forget how this woman continually made a mockery of America, often times taking to social media to post ridiculous videos of her be-bopping around to the latest rap song all to the wild praises of her liberal fan club.

Despite this woman’s outlandish antics where used her platform as first lady to bash the very same country she was supposed to represent, brainless liberals everywhere continuously gush with demented adoration for this woman, elevating her as a queen who can do absolutely no wrong in their eyes. But now liberals are taking their worship for Michelle Obama to a startling new level, truly solidifying the fact that these leftist morons have no functioning brain.

Buzznet is a popular left-leaning entertainment website where each year, they publish an annual list of the world’s most beautiful women. The top three women featured this year was Beyonce as #1, Priyanka Chopra #2, and Taylor Hill as #3.

Yeah okay… we can all agree that these women are in fact beautiful. But then further down, picks for the the top 30 most beautiful women it takes a very hilarious turn. The liberal site then lists Hillary Clinton as the sixth most beautiful woman in the world, beating out bombshell Angelina Jolie by two spots!

While I’m not quite sure what part of Hillary’s face could even remotely be considered attractive, much less beautiful, just hang on, because it gets even more hilarious. Coming in at #21 is where they list Michelle Obama, featuring completely unrecognizable image of the former first lady, where her skin has been noticeably lightened by several shades.


If this photoshopped rendition isn’t enough to make you die laughing considering that most drag queens look more feminine than Michelle does, hang tight…because it gets better. Wait until you see who Michelle out-staged with liberals’ ridiculous online beauty pageant.

Coming in at #25 four spots behind Michelle, is Italian super model Manuela Arcuri, who was recently featured as one of the most desirable beauties on the face of the planet according to the popular website

Manuela Arcuri

“From her long black hair to her curvaceous body and oh-so-wonderful booty, she embodies all the reasons we think about women 24 hours a day, 7 days a week,” said in their feature article about the Italian beauty queen. “Completing this already perfect image are a great pair of legs, a sublime stomach and a bountiful bosom that we’ve had the opportunity to see exposed on many an occasion.”

It’s truly alarming how removed from reality liberals truly are. Never in history has a First Lady been so undeserving of so much attention, as these leftist morons elevate Michelle to the level of a goddess, proclaiming her as one of the top 30 most beautiful women on the earth. But perhaps even more disturbing is how our current First Lady, who is undeniably gorgeous with a long successful career as a fashion model to prove it, is then completely ignored and even ridiculed for her beauty.

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