Kellyanne Conway Gets In A Fist Fight With A Liberal ‘Hero’ And Only One Is Charged With Assault

Liberals love to make fun of Kellyanne Conway. They call her names like “Crypt Keeper” and keep bringing up all the times she called President Trump a scumbag when she was running someone else’s campaign. They don’t understand that politics is a rough game and that Conway, who looks like sh has aged about 20 years in the past 18 months, knew what she was getting into when she took the job working for Donald Trump.

 As it turns out, she’s not just some scrawny little thing without a backbone. It seems there’s a bit of Rhonda Rousey in that tiny little frame. While taking a stroll for coffee after morning meetings yesterday, Kellyanne was approached in the ladies room by none other than liberal hero Lena Dunham. Dunham, who has said she wishes she could get pregnant just so she could experience the joy of abortion, thought her butchy appearance would intimidate Conway, so she got right in her face and called her a “skinny little whore” and asked her what it was like to sell her soul to Satan. Conway simply smiled and told her to get psychiatric help.

That’s when things went horribly wrong. According to Margaret Boylston, the only eyewitness to the event, Conway was calm and cool until Dunham laid a hand on her, then it was on:

“That little blonde thing grabbed that other woman and almost broke her wrist, then she hit her suqare in the nose with a closed fist. There was blood everywhere. Then the little on threw the other one on the ground and hit her two more times. I got the whole thing on my cell phone.”

After leaving the ladies room, Conway immediately called police who came in and charged Dunham with assault, giving her a pink slip for a court date rather than arresting her. She has 48 hours to turn herself in for booking and arraignment. The witness had to relinquish her cell phone as evidence but has been assured she’ll get it back shortly and will be more than welcome to publish or sell it as she sees fit.

Kellyanne Conway wasn’t charged and refused to comment on the incident other than to call it “unfortunate.” The mainstream media isn’t reporting on it at all.

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