Kellyanne Conway Demands One MSNBC Anchor Be Fired After Going WAY Too Far

Kellyanne Conway is used to obsessively anti-Trump journalists doing everything they can to twist her words. But there was one MSNBC journalist who was so over the top that Kellyanne said he should be fired. The journalist, Thomas Roberts suggested that President Trump was purposefully trying to cause a terrorist attack in the United States by insulting Islam.

“The president doesn’t want us to be politically correct, right? So let’s not be PC about this. Is the president trying to provoke a domestic terrorist attack with this Twitter rant only to prove himself right?” said Roberts in response to the London terrorist attack.

“Does he have a job today? I mean, that is really over the top!” responded Kellyanne after seeing the clip on Fox & Friends. “When you hear things like that and people still keep their jobs, it’s truly remarkable,” said Kellyanne.

“I was asked on the flagship show on NBC earlier today if the President should apologize to the mayor of London; and this man is suggesting…but I won’t repeat it because it’s so defamatory,” said Kellyanne. “But look, for people on TV to be saying what they’re saying — a CNN anchor yesterday calling the President an expletive, Kathy Griffin, also of CNN, doing what she did last week — which is really over the top — and then, blaming the Trump family,” she said.

“I mean, people are really losing their minds over this presidency, instead of trying to cover the things that he’s doing to help all Americans and really coming together. Defeating terrorism and putting ISIS truly in retreat and eliminating them from the face of the earth should be a non-partisan issue in search of bipartisan support,” said Kellyanne. Check out the video below

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