What Judge Napolitano Just Said About James Comey Will Have Trump JUMPING For Joy

Judge Napolitano told Trish Regan on Wednesday that he thinks FBI Director James Comey’s recent statement says everything you need to know. See what you need to know in the video below.

Look what Judge Napolitano unleashed on him.

Judge Napolitano: “It doesn’t appear as though these conversations that the president had with Director Comey could constitute the level of constitutional obstruction of justice necessary to commence any further proceedings like impeachment like Democrats want to do.”

This shows just how little the Democrats have on Trump. As Judge Napolitano pointed out, Comey’s documents prove that there is nothing wrong done.

As reported earlier by Liberty Writers, the left doesn’t have a leg to stand on anymore now that James Comey has given out his testimony.

Share this if you are tired of the Russia crap!! Let’s send a message to Washington that we won’t stand for their lies anymore. Judge Napolitano is right.

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