Joy Ann Reid: “If Trump Move The Embassy To Jerusalem He Will Provoke And Offend Muslims”

MSNBC host Joy Ann Reid said President-elect Donald Trump uses “Christian nationalist” language when he talks about his foreign policy and particularly when it comes to Israel. Reid said his call to move the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem echoes such thinking.

What does the anti-white black nationalist Joy Reid have to say regarding Donald Trump’s civility towards Vladimir Putin? Nothing good, as, after all, it’s Trump which means she must find fault, and secondarily, his actions favor the American people and not her world Nazi government, another reason why she’s going to be dismissive.

“Trump is echoing that same sort of Christian nationalist line which puts us in a dangerous place when you also have this third piece which is his potential Israeli ambassador wanting to make provocative moves like moving the embassy to Jerusalem which could touch off a conflagration in the Muslim world,” the MSNBCer said.

She complains that “His language is not about specific countries that are our allies it’s about Christians versus Islam, this sort of elimilationist [sic] almost language that says that we are in a war of civilizations and embracing that.” This traitor knows who is invading whom, who’s strapping bombs to themselves, firing weapons and driving killer trucks, but her mission is to vilify Mr. Trump. Todd’s job is to help, and Islam and world conflict will be the beneficiaries.

She cites George Bush as an example of what’s appropriate conduct – she’ll say anything to get her convoluted, irrational delusional point across. It’s dangerous for us to stand up as Christians against the Islamic invasion, she proclaims. And to stand with Israelis is sheer madness.


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