Jenna Jameson Just HUMILIATED Trump-Hating Host By Exposing What HE Did At Playboy Mansion!

Bill Maher, for those that do not know, is a holier-than-thou political pundit that makes zero sense at all. His allegiances aren’t very clear as he’s praised Democrats for the most part, but has also been on board with a few Republican ideals.

What a time to be alive when it’s Jenna Jameson making headlines for absolutely ROASTING liberals.

She’s been a huge backer of Donald Trump (and even made a cameo on the first episode of the Celebrity Apprentice back in 2008). She’s also outspoken in her defense of Israel.

She spends most of her attention towards criticizing Islam, but today she turned her attention to a major liberal: Bill Maher.

As Milo Yiannopoulos reported:

Former porn star Jenna Jameson had some choice words for Bill Maher on Sunday night. The 42-year-old tweeted about Maher’s hypocrisy regarding his moral stance on Trump’s famous 2005 recording with Billy Bush.

As Maher continues to denounce President Trump on his show, even allowing Jane Fonda to call him Predator-in-Chief with no interjection, Jameson decided to share a little secret with Twitter.


Twitter users on the left took great offense to the comments and questioned their validity. That was when Jameson tweeted again about Maher’s less than perfect history with women.


Bill Maher has yet to respond to any of her comments.

It’s hilarious how every liberal complaint about Trump has to do with his words, while liberals themselves enact what they criticize him for.

They predicted a wave of hate crimes following his victory (and manufactured countless hoaxes to fulfill the narrative), but the only hate we saw was from them. Listen carefully and you could hear chants of “love trumps hate” over the sound of getting punched in the face.

When it comes to Trump’s comments on women, what he says, they do. Think a single liberal will hold Maher accountable….. or even pretend to care about this at all?

Of course not. Then again, if liberals didn’t have double standards, they wouldn’t have any standards at all.


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