Impeachment Being Called For By Republicans

Impeachment Being Called For By Republicans

Some treasonous members of the Republican party are discussing the possibility that President Trump may actually face impeachment. These chats come after unproven reports have surfaced which show that President Trump told former FBI Director James Comey to end an investigation against Michael Flynn.

It is reported that Representative Justin Amash commented on Wednesday that if the reports about Trump’s pressure on Comey are proven accurate, this could mean impeachment.

Amash’s mutters come just a day after New York Post reported that President Trump allegedly told Comey to stop all investigations on Michael Flynn.

A memo written by Comey after his meeting with President Trump, back in February, said that the President told Comey to “I hope you can let this go.”

Questioned if the details in the memo would merit impeachment if they’re true, Amash replied: “Yes.”

Amash also stated, “But everybody gets a fair trial in this country.”

Moreover, a different reporter asked if Amash believed James Comey, that if it comes between Comey’s or President Trump’s word, who would he believe, he gave the following answer.

“I think it’s pretty clear I have more confidence in Director Comey.”

Representative Amash is just another part of the establishment that is doing it’s best to work with Trump. When President Trump dominated the election, they couldn’t wait to congratulate him, but when things get a little rough for Trump, they criticize and discredit him immediately.

The left and the establishment GOP is pathetic. They have nothing better to do than to trust fake news and try to impeach a president who hasn’t broken the law. It’s quite disgusting.

When the left calls for impeachment, it’s clear that you can’t take them seriously. They don’t seem to care a thing about laws, they only care about their feelings, just like degenerate Amash.

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