HYPOCRITE: Hillary on Tape Joking About Wanting to See Man’s Penis [WATCH]

Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is a massive hypocrite. Now, this in and of itself isn’t news. However, two videos have surfaced in which Clinton objectifies men that add to the hypocrisy by Clinton herself and the left-wing media’s faux moral outrage about GOP nominee Donald Trump’s locker room banter.

Two videos featuring Clinton were posted by Subject: Politics that show the candidate objectify men — that is, if we are to apply the same standard that Trump and other conservative men have been held to.

In the first video, Clinton spoke with Lena Dunham for her newsletter, “The Lenny Letter.” Dunham told Clinton how honored she was to meet her and that her Lenny readers were as well. Clinton responded that she thought “Lenny” referred to R&B musician Lenny Kravitz.

From there, Dunham — an avowed feminist who admitted she molested her younger sister — began to discuss a time when Kravitz’s pants split and his genitalia was exposed.

The two women bantered about it and Dunham asked Clinton if she had seen it. Clinton hadn’t, but she did ask Dunham if she could see the footage on YouTube. Dunham said that she could, to which Clinton noted that she would take a look at it.

Now, that sounds an awful lot like the objectification of a man who had an unfortunate situation that they pounced on to demean and diminish the talented musician. That’s what the left would say if the tables were turned, is it not?

In the next video, from a campaign rally, Clinton objectified a couple of men in the crowd who were shirtless. They were about to be kicked out, but she let them stay and joked that it was difficult for her to concentrate while they were there — so difficult that she had to look elsewhere.

Why, that sounds an awful lot like these male supporters were treated like pieces of meat! Where’s the moral outrage from the left? Oh, that’s right, Clinton’s a Democrat and a woman. Carry on.

The point of all this is simple — Trump has been raked over the coals over the last few days for what amounted to locker room banter, yet Clinton can do the same thing and nary a peep from the media.

Trump’s comments were not defensible, but the level of outrage is absurd — especially considering that he apologized for them. While plenty of men talk, in private, the way Trump did — as evidenced by these two videos, so do women. That includes Clinton, who gets a pass for her lewd conversation as Trump is labeled “unfit” for the presidency.

Hyprocrite, thy name is the Democrat Party and the candidate they strong-armed and schemed to represent their party in the general election is one of the most repeat offenders

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