HORRIFYING Announcement About Social Security

Even at it’s most efficient, Social Security is a behemoth of an entitlement that requires an exorbitant amount of money to keep going. Sadly, it’s not a program that’s ever been run efficiently — especially not in the Obama years.

A recent audit of the Social Security Administration revealed that over the past decade the SSA has paid out over $1 billion to people with no social security number or no application on file.

The inspector general in charge of the audit said:

“[U]nless it takes corrective action, we estimate SSA will pay about $182.5 million in benefits, annually, to representative payees who do not have an SSN or paper application supporting their selection,”

In addition, the SSA made over $850 million to payees who had been terminated by the agency, but had never been updated in the system!

Here’s the SSA’s explanation:

“Representative payees play a significant role in many beneficiaries’ lives. We have approximately 5.7 million representative payees managing annual benefits for approximately 8 million beneficiaries. When appointing representative payees, we adhere to guidance in the Social Security Act,” the SSA said in a statement.

“Specific to this audit, the Act permits us to appoint, in certain circumstances, an undocumented alien, or applicant who resides outside the United States without a Social Security number to serve as payee.

Specifically, the Act states we should verify a person’s SSN (or employer identification number) in our investigation of the payee applicant. However, the Act does not state that the applicant must have an SSN to serve as a payee.”

Umm… what??? They’re justifying sending money to undocumented aliens and foreigners???

This is the very example of big government run amok. Trump promised to save social security when he came into office, but saving it first means cleaning it up!

All Americans are affected when there’s this much waste in one of our biggest social programs. Please, clean this up now, President Trump!

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