HOLY HELL! Jeff Sessions Just Made DIRECT Order To DOJ- This Is REALLY BAD News For Obama

For 8 long years our law enforcement officers have been under attack by Obama and his filthy crew of racist, anti-American scumbags. 

Well, those days are gone and there’s a new president in the White House who is determined to undo the damage Obama unleashed on our country and our LEO’s.

In the latest move to boost law enforcement morale, Attorney General Jeff Sessions is ordering the Justice Department to review reform agreements the Obama administration made with police departments across the country.

 at Fox News reports that the new directive, as well as a bid to reconsider an agreement in Baltimore that former President Barack Obama’s lawyers made, are signs the Trump administration is planning to scale back the number of investigations into law enforcement misconduct — and revisit deals negotiated by the prior administration’s civil rights unit.

Sessions’ memo demands the Justice Department review all its prior police reform agreements “including collaborative investigations and prosecutions, grant making, technical assistance and training, compliance reviews, existing or contemplated consent decrees, and task force participation  in order to ensure that they fully and effectively promote the principles” of the new administration.

Some law enforcement groups are hailing the move, amid recent complaints that restrictions on police have emboldened criminals.

Chuck Canterbury, president of the Fraternal Order of Police – the largest police union in the United States – told Fox News the “FOP approves of any review that will benefit the departments and the men and women of law enforcement.”

“The attorney general’s approach is to assist, not hinder law enforcement, and we support his directive,” he added.

Unlike Obama’s goons, Holder and Lynch, Sessions will not use the race card to protect criminals.

Hopefully our law enforcement officers will be safer as a result.

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