Hillary is TERRIFIED at What this U.S. Judge Just Ordered…

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HUGE NEWS today as judicial Watch announced that U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson has compelled the U.S. State Department to turn over the full text of previously redacted emails to them.

The two emails, dated September 13, 2012, are reportedly regarding phone calls made by then President Barack Obama to leaders in Egypt and Libya in the hours after the attack on the U.S. embassy in Benghazi. The subject line of both emails read “Quick Summary of POTUS Calls to Presidents of Libya and Egypt” and were contained in the trove of documents stored on Clinton’s unsecured email server.

The emails were previously redacted under the government’s statement that they be withheld under the Freedom of Information Act B(5) “deliberative process” exemption. Judge Jackson reviewed the documents directly and has rejected this statement.

“The two records, even if just barely predecisional, are not deliberative. [The State Department] has pointed to very little to support its characterization of these two records as deliberative, and the Court’s in camera review of the documents reveals that they do not fall within that category.”

Email Server

Critics are hopeful that the release of these full emails will show the extent of what both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton new regarding the attack in Benghazi.


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