After Federal Appeals Court Blocked Trump, Jeff Sessions Brutally Responded

Earlier today, a federal appeals court upheld the ruling that blocked key aspects of Trump’s perfectly reasonable executive order on immigration.

From ABC News:

A federal appeals court upheld Thursday a lower court’s temporary block of key provisions of President

Donald Trump‘s revised executive order banning travel from some Middle East and African countries. In the decision, Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals Chief Judge Roger Gregory writes that the executive order “in text speaks with vague words of national security, but in context drips with religious intolerance, animus, and discrimination.” The opinion continues that while the president has the power to limit entry to the country, “that power is not absolute.”

Obviously, this is absolutely ridiculous to anyone with a kindergarten level understanding of the Constitution, the authority of the president, or how the world works in general.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions gets it.

Which is why he made the following announcement.


From U.S. News:

Attorney General Jeff Sessions says the Justice Department will ask the Supreme Court to review an appeals court ruling that blocked President Donald Trump’s travel ban.

Sessions says the Justice Department “strongly disagrees” and will continue to vigorously defend Trump’s order. He says the court’s ruling blocks Trump’s “efforts to strengthen this country’s national security.”

Sessions says Trump is not required to admit people from “countries that sponsor or shelter terrorism until he determines that they can be properly vetted” and don’t pose a security threat.

That Neil Gorsuch confirmation is looking pretty good right about now isn’t it?

These court rulings against Trump are nothing more than political posturing and it’s a shame.

You gotta think that Trump’s got a good shot in the Supreme Court but you never know.

After that Obamacare debacle, you can never be too sure.

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