The FBI Received Email That Could Get Loretta Lynch In Huge Trouble

A lot of people thinks this is the greatest news to emerge from the hearing with FBI director James Comey.

The FBI received an email that Russian hackers possessed. The email suggested that ex – DOJ Loretta Lynch, who was no more than an Obama crony, would do all in her power in order to save Hillary from criminal prosecution. This is the smoking gun that indicates the presence of corruption in the Obama Administration with Hillary Clinton on the top.

Via The Right Scoop:

Naturally, Comey could not uncover who sent the email and who was the recipient. However, it appears that it was sent by a person that worked very closely with Lynch, and directed to someone who was very concerned about Clinton hitting rock bottom, most likely someone very close to Clinton.

By the end of the segment, Herridge stated that Comey indicated he was boxed in by Lynch and here is what she’s saying:

“I don’t think he’s just talking about the meeting Lynch had with Bill Clinton. It sounds like she boxed him in – in more ways that just that meeting. If that new email is any indication, she very likely coerced him directly, pushing him to play the ‘no intent’ defense for Clinton and her aides.”

Obstruction of justice is a criminal offense. Indict her at this point, lock her up, and get rid of the key.

Most people keep their focus on Comey and Lynch and Clinton, however, let’s also not forget about Obama. It’s rather obvious Obama gave Comey and Lynch their instructions based on Comey just repeating Obama’s public remarks.

Obama seemed to be the person on this planet with the most power, and when he talked unethically and corruptly made remarks on an ongoing investigation, it’s not too far to think Comey and Lynch aren’t being attentive and won’t comply with orders from the President.

Clearly, Obama was corruptly affecting the investigation by publicly making comments on it to start with. With his legal history, he knew publicly commenting on a pending investigation was highly unethical. This is corruption, and we have to proceed to put feet to the fire until somebody is arrested.

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