Could This Be The End For Hannity At Fox News?!

As some reports suggest, one of the most well-known hosts on Fox News Sean Hannity will be taking “a couple days off amid a growing advertiser boycott” because of his story about Seth Rich. Sources are telling us that up until now seven advertisers have hauled out of Hannity’s show.

The first big advertiser that went away was “We’ve been watching closely and have recently made the decision to pull our advertising from Hannity,” said company officials on Wednesday to Buzzfeed News.

Shortly after them more sponsors pulled out. The company known for producing exercise bikes shut a $325M arrangement E round sponsorship, insurance company USAA, Crown Plaza Hotels, Leesa Sleep, Casper retailer famous for mattress business and home security equipment Ring all announced retreating.

Fox announce that Kimberly Guilfoyle host of the Five show will take Hannity place in next days. She is connected with stories about taking White House press secretary Sean Spicer position.

Sean Hannity reported on Twitter the break was his yearly Memorial Day rest and expressed “Uh goodness My Yearly Commemoration Day long end of the week begins NOW. Pulverize Trump/Moderate media short of breath scope begins! Did Hannity do last show?”

The question remains, will Hannity stay on his radio show broadcasting from 6 p.m. every Thursday and Friday?

The primary concern here is that the conditions encompassing Sean Hannity look to some extent like those of Bill O’Reilly before he was fired from a job, after The New York Times report that blamed the famous host for lewd behavior and sexual harassment. Also for an attempted bribery of his potential “victims” to keep their mouths closed about the entire circumstance.

Despite the fact that Fox tried to get out from the unpleasant situation with a press release saying that O’Reilly’s break from the show was arranged a much earlier, the famous host was instantly fired when he got back from break.


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