Donald Trump Has Done The Impossible, The United States Has Waited Sixty Years For This!!

On December 7, 1941, the United States of America was thrust into World War II. Since then Europe has depended on the United States to protect them.

France and Germany have been almost completely dependent on the United States and their neighbors. As NATO allies they have largely ignored their financial responsibility. Often paying much less on their own defense than the minimum 2% dictated in the NATO treaty.

That is about to change. President Trump has been very blunt about his concerns with NATO. During the election, he made it clear that he believed NATO was not needed. His tone softened following the election because NATO reacted to solve long-standing issues.

Following his trip abroad President Trump Tweeted saying it was “a great success for America.” The full extents of that success would not be realized until today.

Earlier today, as reported by Reuters the Prime Minister of Germany, Angela Merkel made a shocking revelation when she said:

“The times when we could fully count on others are over to a certain extent…

…We Europeans must really take our destiny into our own hands…

…must know that we need to fight for our future ourselves, as Europeans, for our destiny.”

A similar statement was given by France’s President, Emmanuel Macron.

After sixty years the freeloading members of NATO have come to realize what many Americans realized during the 2016 Presidential Election!


Some are saying this is the best news from Trump’s Trip Abroad!

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